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December, 2008:

Introducing the 27 Day Affiliate Marketing Formula

You’re about to discover the easiest way to get started with making money on the Internet, just by selling other people’s stuff!

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

If you have been looking for the easiest way to start an Internet business that allows you the freedom of working for yourself without huge start-up costs, then look no further.

Why an Internet business? Simply because I thought it would be the easiest way to start a business without investing a whole lot of money.

And hey, I was right! Within my first couple of months I have been able to make thousands of dollars.

However, this all means nothing to you if you don’t know how I do it, so…

So Here is An Easy-To-Follow 27-Day Course To Show You How To Make Your First Dollar Online…

Here’s What You’ll Learn in “27-day Affiliate Marketing Formula”

  • Step by step guide to building your own affiliate marketing business in less than two months!
  • The secrets to drive TON of traffic to your website WITHOUT spending a lot of money.

  • Multiply your profits by converting more visitors into life-long customers, more customers into affiliates, and more affiliates into life-long partners.

  • Grow a thriving Internet business that will continue to expand and gain more revenue year after year!
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PS: Just about every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that the fastest way to online success is to find a mentor – someone who has already gone through what you are about to do and has finally found success.

This is exactly what I am offering in my Affiliate Marketing Formula course for Free.

Internet Marketing Newsletter

I just found this useful FREE newsletter Internet Marketing Newsletter (IMN). Yes it is free but they do try to sell you something on the backend (but what else would you expect from IM experts).

Here is a table of contents for the December issue.

Internet Marketing Newsletter Table of Contents
5 Deadly Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Sales
Discover How One Conversation Can Dramatically Boost Your Sales Overnight
Reading the Mind of Your Market
Marketing Starts with Great Customer Service
Reverse The Flow For Profits
Online Audio A Little History
Explode Your Sales With Other People’s Traffic
Defining Your Business Identity In 6 Steps

Take a look it’s free (unless you buy the offer on the backend) Internet Marketing Newsletter

Free report about Network Marketing homestudy course

I found this report by Jaz Lai which has some useful information in it.  So if you are struggling to generate any traffic/sales this may be something for you.

Table Of Contents

1. Internet Network Marketing
The New Age Network Marketing Problem? The Internet – Your Ally Or Your Enemy?

Busting The Myth Behind Passive Income
Don’t Leave Money On The Table!
2. Invincible Marketing
How To Succeed Even If Your Company Closes Down!
Dirty Little Secrets Your Upline Is Not Telling You 3 Reasons Why Solid Networkers Quit Network Marketing The Untold Secret Behind Lead Generation
3. Discover the Secrets Behind Generating Endless Leads And Downlines How To Generate Leads On Autopilot
Optimizing Your Lead Capturing Strategies Example Of An Effective Lead Capture Page

4. How One Simple Word Can Change Your Business Forever!
Critical Differences Between Sales And Marketing How To Use Something You Use Everyday To Make Massive Money Copy and Paste Templates That You Can Use
5. How You Or Anyone Can Attract A Huge List of Prospects FAST!
Why You Should Get Rid Of Your ‘Name List’ Now!
Building Your Prospects List Automatically 12 Hidden Strategies Used By The Alpha Networker
6. Unstoppable Ways To Drive Traffic And Increase Leads!
Don’t Reinvent The Wheel!
A Proven Traffic Generation System Highly Recommended Resources

7. How To Train Your Team, Duplicate Your Success And Brand Yourself Into A Networking Superstar! The Importance Of Expert Branding Blogging Your Way To Billionaire Riches! How To Duplicate Effectively And Turn Your Team Into Top Performers
8. How To Create Massive Profits In ANY Network Marketing Opportunity! How To Develop The Success Mindset Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail Resources For Successful Networkers
9. Conclusion

Pick up your free report by Jaz Lai here ‘The Guaranteed Ways to join the $100,000 Heavy Hitters Club

Or just sign up here

How network marketing works


Fantastic Products with Master Resell Rights

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Personal Development – Not for me?

The difference between success and failure is quite often down to the level of personal development.

In order to succeed you must have the correct mindset, a clear vision of what you want to achieve (goals) and a plan of how you are going to get there.

Believe you me if either of these are missing YOU WILL FAIL

Now recently I had a kick up the back-side I was making good money with MyInternetBusiness (MIB) which was offsetting the poor performance of my promotion business.  MIB was my saviour, it paid my mortgage and bills and kept me afloat. But I didn’t have a plan of how I was going to build my business. I didn’t have clear Goals (other than to earn an additional £2,000/week). In my defense I don’t think that I was 100% convinced that MIB would work.

I dedicated most of my time to working on MIB but I would just do what next came into my head. I had no real structure to my work I was running several marketing strategies but not monitoring their performance on a consistent basis. Also I was not in control of my day. I had no idea which of the tasks I performed were the most important in terms of achieving my financial goal.

We sort of muddled along still making money but with a lot of effort going in. Then my promotion business started to get busy and all of a sudden I had more things to do than I could fit into each day. I started ‘firefighting’ and just doing the things that people were shouting for. But I was not looking at the big picture. My stress levels went up along with my blood pressure. So I stopped marketing MIB and turned my attentions to my promotion business. However by now it looked like an impossible task to get everything done and get a paycheque in time to pay the bills. In my confused/panicked state I was unable to make sensible decisions and I found that my productivity plummeted because I couldn’t even decide what was the next task to perform.

Luckily, I got an email from one of my mentors “Hey Rich is all OK – you’ve been a bit quiet recently – can I help”. So I called him back and I explained the situation and he told me to look at what I was doing and look at what I used to do and then look at how I used to do it (wise advice).

It’s not until you stop, stand back, take a deep breath, look at what you are doing, think about what you are trying to achieve that you can start to solve the problems.

I hadn’t even taken the time to reflect on each day’s events to highlight the good bits make a note of where thing went wrong and to formulate the plan for tomorrow. I had allowed my mindset to turn 180 degrees and this was pulling me down.

To succeed in anything you must develop a positive attitude. Look at what it is that you are trying to achieve (goals) decide on how you are going to do it. Then pick the next thing you must do to achieve it and TAKE ACTION.

I now have my goals and objectives next to my computer.
My task list is back in action
I now allow time to plan and reflect.
I now work to my plan.
I now feel a lot better about life.

I dusted off my Success University folder and started listening to successful people again.