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April, 2009:

How to choose your online business Update #114

Hi All,

I hope your week is turning out OK. I have been head down busy working on a new eBook which will help small businesses improve their internet exposure. It will also be useful for anyone with a website or blog because it focuses on Search Engine Promotion (one of my expert topics). I am a way off finishing but will let you know when it’s done.

Update #114

Again thanks to all who completed the online survey and downloaded their free gifts.

OK the basic conclusion from the survey is that:-

  • I will do a short series on how to choose your online business and what the options are.
  • I will provide some information and  guidance on ‘make money now online business opportunities’ based on first hand experience.
  • I will then follow that with a series on how to set up a new blog and promote it for affiliate sales and Adsense.

So let’s start our discussion on how to choose an online business. This is obviously a good place to start and I guess that you will probably already have some ideas based on the masses of information that bombards your email inbox every day. This is in itself a problem because  if you are not very strong you will end up changing direction like the wind as each new product/eBook is floated infront of your eyes. Just remember that every message you receive from the so called  Gurus is designed to draw you in. But you know this already (but I bet you still get hooked).

So what is a business? A business is something that generates income, yes, but it’s more than that. A business is a set of processes that generate an income. These processes can run on their own or by someone you pay. This is an important distinction because if your business needs you to do this that or the other to ensure the money comes in then it’s not a business it’s a JOB. And the JOB is the thing we wanted to get rid of, remember!!

So if you are looking to start something to generate income and change your life you will not do it by creating yourself another JOB. OK, I think I probably stressed that enough but it took me a while to see it and this is especially difficult when you first start working for yourself.

OK, so the next thing to consider is where you are trying to get to with your online venture. We should always ‘begin with the end in mind‘ what is it you are trying to achieve? So it doesn’t matter what your goal is as long as it is realistic and achievable. You need to set yourself targets that you will be able to achieve by keeping at it. If you are looking to earn $10,000/month online then you probably won’t be doing it by selling $20 eBooks but you should be able to achieve it if you are promoting one of the larger ticket opportunities like MyInternetBusiness (MIB). Now we will cover business opportunities in a later update but be aware that the cost of generating $10k with something like MIB will be quite high with all your advertising costs etc. You will also have to look after your team with 5+ new start-ups each month. So there are lots of things to consider.

You also have to be realistic about your current level of knowledge. You do need to learn your craft which with anything takes time.

You must also be realistic about how much you can afford to invest in your business. If you are tight for cash then spending all of it on a high ticket opportunity is the wrong way to go. Better off using a small amount to build a blog and sell affiliate products with a sprinkling  of Adsense. You can set up a reseller hosting with Hostgator for $25/month and Aweber for < $20/month and then build yourself as many sites/blogs as you like with only the cost of a new domain name each time.

If you want my take on it from a personal experience point of view I would recommend starting with the blog/affiliate/info product/adsense route and use this to generate funds and a list and expertise. Then progress from there to bigger and better things.

Well that is probably enough for your sanity.

I would appreciate some feed-back on this and there is a link to a quick 2 question feedback form at the bottom of this email.

So until Sunday. To Our Success!!
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How to use Forums for Traffic; Update #110

Hi All,

I hope your week has started well. Thank you if you were one of the many who complemented my ‘epic’ email on Sunday. And yes it is all true. Here are the important links to the free stuff again.
The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles‘ it’s free and available for download here

The ‘Jim Rohn Success Plan‘ which is a 24 week course with a strong focus on goal setting and attitudes for success. You can see the course if you sign up for the free 14 day trial here


OK here is Update #110 and I would like to give a brief overview of Forum Marketing.

Forum Marketing, if done properly, is a great and powerful method of gaining free web traffic.

There are loads of forums out there that focus on the subject of Make Money, work from home, internet business etc.. And of course they are used by people who are your potential prospects. So this is a great place to start.

What you have to do is write useful posts and replies to other’s posts on the forums – simple ish..

The important bit that makes it work for you is your Signature File. This is a small footer that is attached to your posts which contains your call to action and a link to your site/lead capture page. You can set your signature file up in your profile. Some forums require you to make a number of posts before you can show a signature file. But if they are active forums then it is worth it.

The thing you must NOT DO is blatantly sell your opportunity or product in your posts. Do this and you will get booted off the forum (no good for your street cred).

What you need to do is spend 45 mins each day and write 3 or more contributions each day to 5 forums. Think about this 15 contributions/day = 15 links back to your site each day. Do this for a month and you have 420 links back to your site! Now these are not necessarily the best links but they will provide targeted traffic.

Ok you say so where are the best forums?


Just go with the ones that have the most activity.

I hope this helps, as ever let me know what you think.
Have you tried this nice little earner yet? it’s worth it!!
Until Thursday.

To Our Success


You Have to Travel Some to Make a Journey; Update #109

Hi  All,

I hope your Sunday has been enjoyable. I was out at hockey with my youngest this morning and  have spent the rest of the day working on getting my new office ready (still a way to go). I am moving from the old beer cellar up to one of our spare bedrooms. Moving me is easy but this is not the case for all the hardware (computers and the like). I have put in a long row of electric sockets at desk height on one wall and have spent this afternoon  lifting floorboards and laying in cables for a new ring-main to feed them. I have also extended the main telephone line up to the new office and installed a new network cable.

All great fun especially with the intermittent  help from my 10 year old and his puppy!

Here is Update #109. Thanks for the positive feedback about the piece on Articles in the last update.  Most found it useful.

You will recall that I have been revamping my business a bit in recent times, revising my marketing strategies and trying to bring my two businesses closer together. This has been quite a challenge for me going through what I have been doing and deciding where I want to get to.

During this process I have started to prod and question some of my methods/strategies to try and establish which things really matter in the business.

In addition to this I have been sorting through the vast library of information products that I have acquired over the years. I started trying to put them into some sort of system based on the type of content and how good they were.

  • things that I had tried and that worked
  • things that I had tried that failed to work for me
  • pure information / how to .. that was useful.
  • pure information but not that good.

It became obvious that the biggest pile was the ‘things that I had tried that failed to work for me‘ closely followed by the ‘pure information but not that good‘. Now with the latter it was just that the content was generally poorly presented regurgitated thin information. But the former was full of great projects promising all sorts of make money by doing this that and the other!

So I started going through the great pile of failures and to be quite honest with you with the exception of 3 eBooks they all failed because I had failed to complete them in some way. I guess that the main problem was distractions. So I was all full of enthusiasm at the start but then lost interest (even though there was a promise of riches) and moved on to something else.

Does this sound familiar to you?

When I started going through the pile of failures I realised that there were some really good money making/ marketing strategies that I could use right now in my business. I also started thinking about my inability to set goals and objectives and stick to them.

Now I am a great believer that if you desire something enough then things will start to move to help you achieve this. But the trick is consistent thought and most of us can’t achieve this because we do not have clear goals and we get distracted.

Now here is the scary part and it is true!
  • A book fell of a shelf I was clearing and fell open at ‘Setting Unbelievable Goals‘. The  book was ‘The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches: How to Have Everything In The World You Really Want!‘ by Richard G. Nixon based on a best seller by Joe Karbo. I bought this book way back in about 1998. I started to read it and perform the various tasks, but I was not experienced/wise enough at that time to understand that you can make a difference in your life by having a strong sustained desire for something. If you are prepared to cross the necessary tasks off the list one by one.

I have now started reading it again (I think I am now more than ready to start the journey). You should try and get a copy and put it into action and not wait like I did.

  • I received a call from my up-line on Success University and we were discussing my current distractions. He swiftly reminded me of the extensive training within Success University including the ‘Jim Rohn Success Plan‘ which is a 24 week course with a strong focus on goal setting and attitudes for success. You can see the course if you sign up for the free 14 day trial here

So that is three different unprompted events that remind me to look at my goals and objectives and improve the way I work them to achieve success.

So that is what I will do. You should join me and start to make a difference.

To Our Success!

PS. Check this great little opportunity out run by one of the trusted guys on the internet.

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Hi all

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To our Success!!


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