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May, 2009:

If You Keep on Doin’ You Keep on Gettin’! Update #121


Sunday May 23rd 2009: Update #121

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I hope your weekend is going well. We have a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and the weather is uncharacteristically good. Sunshine with just a few wispy clouds. It was much the same yesterday and we managed to enjoy the back end of the day with some friends and the mandatory BBQ. Got back at a sensible time because Caroline had to be out this morning at about 6am to go swimming coaching. Unfortunately the planned amount of sleep was destroyed because the dogs had an uncharacteristic urge to go outside at 4:20 this morning! So muggins here had to go and let them out.

Well I am no stranger to early mornings, some of you may recall that I used to start at 4am in the week so that I could get the work done and then spend some time with the family. But I had forgotten how nice the early morning can be. It was just after dawn and light enough to see the dogs running around the grounds. But the noise was incredible with all the birds competing for top tune. Just think that all this slips by us every day without moan or groan!

I eventually got the dogs back in, and climbed back into bed at about 5am only to be woken again by Caroline’s progressive angry alarm. So I have been awake for a few hours now and have sort of drifted into a relaxed/reflective frame of mind. Which has got me thinking.

Over the past few weeks I have been varying my day to suit what is going on around me rather than try to work to a fixed schedule. I am lucky enough to be able to do this of course because I work for myself from home (and love it). But stick with me there is a reason for this ramble.

For weeks I have got up made a cup of tea fed the dogs and then walked them starting this process at the same time every day, just like so many others.

Now every day I meet the same people walking their dogs, going to work or kids going to school and it’s almost like clockwork. Which is how so many of us run our lives. If I start my day 30mins earlier or later I see a completely different set of people all working their own routine. But these different groups all continue without any knowledge of the others. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this, most have to do it because their days are a routine. The daft thing is that I don’t have to be like this but I tend to fall into routines which are hard to break.

But we can use this to our advantage. You know the phrase ‘If you keep on doing what you are doing. You will keep on getting what you are getting.’ Well how true is that!

So if you want to achieve something new (working online, losing weight, stopping smoking) you have to set yourself a goal and write down a set of daily actions to get there.

Set up a new routine performing these actions. Force yourself to do it consistently for long enough that it becomes habit and then just focus on the thing you are trying to achieve and follow your new routine. Because we are creatures of habit you will soon fall into a routine that will help you achieve your goal if you really want it.

But the key thing here is to do something different. Break your current routine and see what else is going on around you that you have missed.

The same works for your business. Yes stick with things that work but vary the process and measure the results. Continually vary things in a controlled way so that you can see the result. Every test you do is worth it. You learn either to do it again or not to bother again. But if you keep on doing the same……..

So if you want to improve your business, try to vary your process and see the results!


Now in Update #120 I mentioned the current flurry of product releases with zero cost front end and mega upsell from then on.

They aim to over deliver on quality with the free product that would normally cost $lots so that you then buy all the other related products.

Well Michael Cheney released his Delta Squadron that promised to show you how to make $1M in 7 days! for an initial cost of $1 on the front end.

So I paid my $1 using a debit card and the card got declined for no reason (new card, healthy balance) so I tried it again same result. So I gave up.

I then checked my emails and found 6 separate confirmations and login details. Hurriedly checked my bank account but no payments.

Soon after this they closed down Delta Squadron! The payment processor could not handle the load and lots of people were getting multiple orders.

I still had access and managed to have a good look around at the product which was very good.

I have since received an email (not personal of course) stating that those who did get in would continue to have access but the webinars and other stuff would be delayed until the relaunch (whenever that is).

So even the big-boys get it wrong big time. Perhaps there is a strong case for small and continual growth rather than stampede!

I don’t think that this will be something that I have to worry about in the short term.

But the good thing is that I can give you an insider look at delta squadron and it looks like a great product. So look out for it next tie around.

Well that is it for this Sunday Update. Out to enjoy the sun and family.

Tuesday will be the first of the Affiliate Blogging Course, if you still want to sign up to the free course you can do so here (only those who sign up will get the course on Tuesdays).

The next Update will be on Thursday.

Have a great weekend.

To Our Success!


Tutorial on Setting Up WordPress Blog To Sell Clickbank Products

This has come about as a direct response to my 3 times weekly newsletter.

We ran a survey to find out what my subscribers wanted in terms of guidance and tuition.

The majority response was for some basic tutorial showing how to select and promote affiliate and Clickbank products by means of  a WordPress Blog.

So we are producing these tutorials on a weekly basis.

I will add them to the autoresponder on this list so that new subscribers will start from Tutorial 1 and follow it through.

Well we will have to see how we get on with this and I expect lots of feedback as we go.

Please put your first name and email address in the form below to start receiving the information.

Please look out for the confirmation email that you must respond to get on the list.

Oh and by the way (look out for the FREE gift for signing up)



Almost Too Good to Share With You All Update #117

Hi All,


Sunday May 10th 2009: Update #117

This Update is published three times per week for opted-in subscribers only. Publisher: Rich Sale. Your comments are always welcome – to respond to anything you read here, please use the comments below


Well I hope your weekend has been good. We have had fantastic weather here in the UK so apart from ferrying my youngest to hockey and back this morning I have been busy outside cutting the grass etc. (takes about 2.5 hrs to cut all the lawns). We have just had a quick BBQ to round the day off nicely.

So lets get down to business:-

You will recall that I held a survey to determine what you wanted to know about internet marketing etc. and the following is part 4 of the response.


In Update #116 I completed my take on 3 ‘Make Money’ opportunities that I have direct experience with. You can see Update #116 here if you missed it.

You will recall that we were discussing three different ‘make money’ opportunities namely MyInternetBusiness (MIB), Success University (SU) and Z2RWealth (Z2RW).

Now, today I was going to start an introduction to affiliate marketing but I had an email exchange with one of the regular readers on Friday asking about Maverick Money Makers .

Maverick Money Makers is a fantastic club that gives you all the information you need to start making money online. But not just one approach, multiple methods all laid out – step-by-step to get you making money. So it fits quite nicely with what we have been talking about and some of the things we plan to talk about in the future. It also comes with a make money or your money back promise!

I will give you a brief outline of what you get for your $67 membership.

Taking each item on the main navigation menu we have:-

Home –

Strategy 1 : Automated Affiliate Strategy

Building your business based on affiliate marketing is by far the easiest, fastest and least risky way to get started. Following this Strategy will allow you to “hit the ground running” without any of the hassles. If you are a beginner I would highly recommend you get started with this Strategy. You’ll be able to focus on what’s most important: Making Lots Of Money!

Strategy 2 : Quick Money Strategy

The techniques in this Strategy are not designed to provide you with a consistent income, or a full-time income, just a way to start earning easily. I would recommend this Strategy for intermediate marketers who aren’t ready to start earning a full-time income online. If you’re just looking for a way to supplement your current income then this Strategy will be perfect for you.

Strategy 3 : Big Business Strategy

If you are an advanced marketer and want to build your own product based business, then this is for you. You will learn about every aspect of building a successful online business from the ground floor. This Strategy will give you long term results, but will also take the longest to implement. I recommend mastering Strategy 1 first, then taking those profits and re-investing them into this Strategy.

Core Training

  • Step 1 – Development
  • Step 2 – Online Spying
  • Step 3 – Keyword Mastery
  • Step 4 – SEO intelligence
  • Step 5 – Content Creation
  • Step 6 – Video Marketing
  • Step 7 – Social Networking

Quick Money Blueprints

  • Fast action guides
  • Magical Auctions
  • Free Trial Offers
  • AdBrite Mastery
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Google Trends
  • Super Affiliate
  • Ebay Trading

Skillset Videos

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Copywriting Mastery
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • Website Creation
  • Domain Names

Mindset Coaching

  • Zig Ziglar
  • Lee Milteer
  • Jerry Clark
  • Mike Vance
  • Mark Victor Hansen

more …..

Well I hope you can see the fantastic value in this package. I have been a member for a while and I still get a great return from the methods I have tested.

It is also worth pointing out that they have an active/responsive support desk and will tell you where you have gone wrong if a particular method does not work for you. So I would whole heartedly recommend this product if you are looking to get started. Go here to read the sales letter and/or sign up .

As ever I would like your feed back on this issue (just hit reply).

Talk on Tuesday,

To Our Success


So what is My Take on Make Money Opportunities (part2); Update #116



Thursday May 7th 2009: Update #116

This Update is published three times per week for opted-in subscribers only. Publisher: Rich Sale. Your comments are always welcome – to respond to anything you read here, please just leave a comment below.


Well I hope your week is going a bit slower than mine. Remember when we were kids and a week seemed like a lifetime! Now a week is gone in a blink of an eye. Why is that?

Any roads lets get down to business:-

You will recall that I held a survey to determine what you wanted to know and the following is part 3 of the response.


In Update #115 I started to explore some of the ‘Make Money’ opportunities that I have direct experience with. You can see Update #115 here if you missed it.

You will recall that we were discussing three different ‘make money’ opportunities namely MyInternetBusiness (MIB), Success University (SU) and Z2RWealth (Z2RW).

Now lets be clear they all can work very well to generate a nice amount of money for you. But there are things you must consider with them all.


With MIB you are selling a higher ticket opportunity so understandably the take-up rate will be smaller than for a $12/month type deal. In my experience the take-up (those who bought in) rate was 1-2% of those who showed a real interest. So if you have a lead capture page that converts at say 20% like mine do, then you need to drive 500 visitors to get 100 sign ups to get 1 or 2 paid members on your team. Now if you use something like PPC advertising then you will be paying upwards of $1.25/click. So you can do the math. There is an added problem to this that most people take a while 3-4 weeks to actually join the team. So you may have to fund 3-4 weeks of PPC before you get a return.

You also have to be prepared to put the money straight back into your ‘business’ at the start to keep it all going in the right direction. Now there are ways of offsetting these costs by selling something on the front end to generate enough to fund the advertising.

You can choose to go the free traffic route but it will take time to build traffic. If you write an article each week you will generate something like 10-15 visitors per day after 5 weeks. But if you combine this with other free methods you will start to see a return. However, you have to keep at it and not give up and that’s the hardest bit.

The final, and probably the most important thing to note is that you have to provide help and support to your team. There is no ongoing residual income with MIB so you need your immediate team to be actively signing people up. If you sign 1 new member every 2 weeks you have to consider the amount of your time they will require to get them up and running plus keeping them focussed on promoting. This is not insignificant if you sign up complete newbies.

So I would say, if you have some spare money, a bit of internet savvy and are determined to make it work then MIB is good for making more money. However, it’s not a business in the true sense and it will not be around for ever so be prepared to change to something else after a few years.

Success University (SU)

With SU you have a real product (ongoing learning/personal development) and a money making opportunity. It is far more acceptable in most people’s minds than a pure make money type opportunity like MIB. So straight away it is easier to market. Now I do not have a huge downline in SU because I have used it as a personal development package for which it is truly exceptional. However I am now starting to market it more. The beauty is that you build an ongoing residual income from your efforts. There is also a huge following and community spirit within the SU camp.

The way to succeed with SU is to take huge action and get the message in front of as many people as possible. You don’t really have to sell either aspect of SU (development or opportunity) the benefits associated with these as presented by the promotional material will sell the product for you. It comes down to whether it is the sort of thing the prospect is looking for.

The best way I find to market SU via the internet is to promote it along side other products. Personal development sits nicely with internet marketing and therefore you can market one and sell both!

The downstream overhead with SU is a lot easier than with MIB. Your team still need attention but the training calls and opportunity calls provide most of the support. You need to manage your team but it is not as technically demanding as it is with MIB.

So if you are looking to generate a long term residual income with some immediate financial rewards and you want to build a large team then SU is for you. Plus you can get a 14 day free($1) trial where you have access to the educational material.

Z2RWealth (Z2RW)

Now this is about as easy as it gets. It’s low cost, pays weekly and is even promoted for you! Now if you want to earn significant money you have to build your 4 x 8 matrix and keep on filling it because as new people are recruited they spill over to fill the available slots. It’s easy to market and designed to pay out and there are further incentives and ways to generate even more money.

It’s an ideal product to market on places such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. The only downside at the moment is the promotional video that takes so long to load that many don’t get to listen to it. I am thinking of doing my own which should push the conversion rate up.

So if you want an easy low-risk low cost method of making some money with the potential to make a lot if you so choose then Z2RW is a good bet.

OK so I have shown you three different types of opportunity and for each of the types I have shown there are other similar packages. Yes there are scams out there but most people who fail do so because they lack commitment and do not follow the plan. The three above are sound opportunities if you take into consideration my comments above.

Well I think that has covered enough ground for today. As ever if you need more information then just drop me an email and I will provide.

Please take time to provide some feedback (just leave a comment).

Until Sunday, To Our Success,


So what’s the take on Make Money Opportunities; Update #115



Tuesday May 5th 2009: Update #115

This Update is published three times per week for opted-in subscribers only. Publisher: Rich Sale. Your comments are always welcome – to respond to anything you read here, please provide a comment below.

I hope your week has got of to a good start. Yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK so today has a real Monday feel to it. Because of the Bank Holiday  I decided not to write the Sunday update. I had spent most of the day moving into my new office and getting all the computers etc talking to each other.

So lets get down to business:-
You will recall that I held a survey to determine what my subscribers wanted to know and the following is part 2 of the response.

Today I want to continue our mini-series on how to choose your online business by starting to discuss some of the different types of ‘make money’  opportunities that are out there.

Now let’s be clear there are a vast number to choose from and there is no way I could talk with any real authority on all of them. So I am limiting my discussion here to those opportunities that I use, have used or have explored in detail.  Let’s also be clear that I am not recommending you should take this route. I have included this because many of my subscribers want to sign up to some type of opportunity. Now I do have some strong views based on my experiences which I will share with you.

So you want to join a make money opportunity, but which one should you choose? This type of programme is something you sign up to and then make your money by selling it on to others. They come in all shapes and sizes some have a large start up cost some are low cost. Some are a one off joining fee, others are a monthly fee and some are a mixture of both. In general the rules are that the higher the compensation per sale then the higher the buy-in cost, if you have to pay monthly then you will probably be able to earn ongoing commissions from those you sign below you. Obvious really because these types of programmes are self funding. So all of what you pay to join has to be spread amongst all those who reap some reward from you signing up.

Now there are three main things to consider in terms of compensation plans namely what you get paid by who and how often. By this I mean what you get paid for those you directly sell to. Also do you get paid something if someone you signed up signs up someone and how many levels does this go on for. The how often is exactly that the frequency of payments.

So what sort of return can you get from a business opportunity. Well this does vary.

With MyInternetBusiness it costs $2,995 to join but you can earn $2,000 per direct sale and $500 from your immediate team for each sale as a one off payment with no residual income.

For something like Success University it costs $149.95 to join and $49.95/month ongoing you get paid $20-$40 for each person you sign up and an amount on sign-ups below you to infinity! You also get residual ongoing payments of up to $40 per 6 qualified sign ups. This basically means that if you have 150 students below you you can earn $1,000 per month residual.

For a low cost opportunity you could consider something like Z2RWealth which is $19.95 to join then $12.95 per month. You get $4 one off payment per new member you sign up. Its a 4 x 8 matrix (4 wide x 8 deep) and you get paid $1/person/month below you down to 8 levels.So at level 5 you can get $1,024/month residual. The beauty is that the firm actively advertise and allocate new people in your matrix. So in principle you don’t have to promote the opportunity yourself. However you will get richer faster if you do.

Now there is something worth saying about each of these opportunities which I will provide on Thursday and I will also throw some others on the table for you to look at. But take a look at each of these (I am not asking you to sign up just take a look at the offerings so you can understand what I am talking about on Thursday)

    Well I hope that this has provided a useful background into ‘make money online’ type programmes.

    Please provide your feedback at the survey (2 questions) here or just leave a comment below.

    OK well that’s it for now.
    Look out for the continuation of this on Thursday

    To Our Success