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June, 2009:

Nothing For Sale, Just Some Information: Update #130



Thursday June 25th 2009: Update #130

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Well here we are again at the back end of the working week. Thursdays seem to come around even quicker these days, but we have been there before. This week has been busy as ever in the Sale household. My boys’ played their first gig with their rock band on Wednesday evening, not only their first live performance but also live on the local radio and on local web TV as well!! They came across really well and got a few laughs when they were interviewed. The station were not used to having young children performing and were surprised that they were out in the back yard playing tag before the gig rather than standing around looking nervous. The second gig is on Saturday evening then we can relax a bit. I think I get more stressed than the kids but I guess that is normal for a parent.

This week had lots of plans attached to it that have just not come to anything for various reasons. But there are some useful learning points that are worth sharing.

Now I have always stated that Aweber is my autoresponder of choice (and it still is) but this weeks events have made me think.

I have recently been beta testing a new system for attracting people to sign up to your newsletter or whatever. Its a credit based system that displays a list of available newsletters on other peoples websites/blogs. So visitors to a participating site will see a list of newsletters to sign up to when the first visit the site. They can then tick the ones they are interested in and just fill their details in once to get whatever they asked for from the list. The more I display the list on my websites, the more it gets displayed elsewhere. Simple!

The problem is that at the moment it will only work with a few autoresponders and not Aweber. So I installed the free autoresponder they provide which was easy enough. But I needed to somehow add new members to my existing Aweber list or import the Aweber list into the new system. The trouble is that my lists within Aweber are all linked together. So that all subscribers to any of my Internet Marketing lists automatically get on my newsletter list. So it was not as simple as just taking the newsletter list and I was reluctant to move away from Aweber. So I needed a solution.

Aweber has the ability to sign up to a list by sending an email to that list. You can also tell Aweber which bits of the email you are going to send to use as the subscribers name and email address. The incoming email is then parsed to extract the relevant details which are then used to add that person to the list. A confirmation email is then sent back to the person wishing to subscribe asking them to confirm that they have requested the sign-up. I am sure that you have all signed up to something in the past by filling in your details in a form and pressing ‘submit’. Then a few minutes later receiving a confirmation email asking you to click the link to confirm you intentions. Well its a similar process just started by sending an email rather than submitting a form.

So I thought this would be an ideal way to get any new sign-ups from the new system onto my Aweber list. I just get the new autoresponder to send an email to the Aweber list each time a new person signs up. Easy – Yes but No. I managed to get the new autoresponder to send a copy of the persons details to the Aweber list as an email and I managed to get Aweber to extract the relevant information and add the person to my list. This then triggered the sending of a confirmation email to the person wishing to subscribe so that they could confirm their intentions.

This all looked great and tested fine to start with. But then I noticed that the confirmation email was not always getting through, so some people were not being signed up!

So I started a support ticket explaining that the confirmation email was not always getting through when an email was used to sign someone up. Well all I got back was that email deliverability was not their problem and that I needed to talk to my ISP to get them to sort the problem.

Now the problem was quite severe only 1 in 10 confirmation emails were getting through whereas the standard web form sign up achieved 10 out of 10.

I replied to the support ticket asking what was different about the confirmation emails from the standard web form and those from an email sign up. The answer was they are identical and that the problem was due to the ISP’s blocking the emails and that I needed to talk to the ISP’s not Aweber about this.

So I sent another reply asking why the results from the 2 different sign up methods were so different. They just ignored this and asked me to talk to the ISP’s.

I was getting nowhere. So I devised a test that showed that if 2 identical email addresses were used (from the same ISP) one to sign up via the web form and the other to sign up via an email. The latter would fail. I ran the test and got the expected answer. I then went on the Aweber live chat Help and gave the person at the other end the reference to my support tickets and explained the tests etc.

He told me to contact my ISP because it was them blocking the confirmation email nothing to do with Aweber. So I asked him to explain why the web form sign ups always worked and he just kept on giving me the same answer (contact my ISP). I explained that this was unacceptable because I could not contact all the ISP’s in the world that may host the emails of people who might want to sign up to my list. But he was adamant that it was an ISP problem.

This went on for about 30mins and eventually he was just writing and pressing return all the time and not responding to any of my statements. He then went quiet and suggested that someone from the technical team should call me. But he could not think that this would make any difference as he had already told me what to do!

I got a call from a technical help person who told me that I was having difficulty understanding what her colleague had been telling me. She then launched straight into a spiel about ISP’s and filtering. I had to interrupt her to point out some of the facts that I had and I just asked the question of what was the difference between the confirmation emails for the two different sign up methods. She said they were identical. So I then asked her why the confirmation emails from the standard web form sign-up always got through whilst the others didn’t.

To which she replied

well the web form will always be more reliable because they record the IP address of the page where the form is. This makes it more reliable because it is traceable.

If you sign up via an email it will depend on the email provider you use as to how trustworthy it will be considered. So if you use a gmail email account then you will be considered reliable but if you use your own local email server (like I do) then you will not be considered trustworthy by the major ISP’s.

Of course I said that’s it – why didn’t someone tell me this before? No answer from them. So I relayed back my new understanding just to check I had got it and I had. I then thanked her for explaining the difference between the two methods and mentioned that it might have been easier for all if they had told me this earlier. She just said OK well have a nice remainin’ day and put the phone down!

So Ok its a long and dull story for you. But the sort of thing you will get in this business from time to time. Customer support tends to be over protective. So as soon as you start to question why/how something works to try and solve your own problem they go on the defensive. I also think that they support each other. I had several different people answer my support tickets and they all reiterated what had been said in the first response. Even the girl who phoned me was just going to shout the same message. They also don’t expect you to have any expert knowledge so dismiss most things you say.

The lesson here is to build a good set of tests and keep on going until they answer the problem. Or give you enough information to understand it yourself. Just imagine if I had tried to approach ISP’s as they would have me do. Do you think I would have got very far?

Aweber is still my autoresponder of choice for the basic features if you are just starting out or only have a small number of lists. But I can understand why many move away as their business grows and grows.

let me know your thoughts on Aweber or any other autoresponder you have used.


Now I don’t know about you but I seem to be getting a lot more emails from so-called Gurus telling me I must have this and that if I am to make my fortune online. It’s quite noticeable that many are selling the same thing. Notice that there is always a huge urgency (why?). Many get sucked into these promotions only to get no further up the income ladder. This is usually because there is actually a lot of effort required to make it work or that the parameters for it working are so tight that you have to strike it very lucky.

The fact is that many of these people are totally reliant on the fact that many will fail but try again with something else. I have been there and thankfully come through to the other side. But the reason for my small but growing success is not down to some mystery package. It is down to sound understanding of the basics.

Many try to run before they can walk. But if you learn how to promote your business, to generate traffic and can do this on a regular basis. You will start to make money. Many of the techniques are not difficult but they can be tedious.

So if you want to start making money then learn the basics:-

We talked about article marketing training last week and how important it is.

We have the affiliate blogging course which you can sign up here for free

We also have the Silent Salesman series of eBooks that show you how to start to promote your site

Obviously if you want to spend your money then go here to learn how to make some more

Until next Sunday

To Our Success!


Cockchafer Beetle Bash Forces Me out of the Garden: Update #129



Sunday June 21st 2009: Update #129

This Update is normally published three times per week for opted-in subscribers only. Publisher: Rich Sale. Your comments are always welcome – to respond to anything you read here, please leave a comment’


I hope your weekend has gone well. Father’s Day isn’t normally ‘celebrated’ in the Sale household but this year I did get a Bruce Springsteen CD from my two boys (they must want something!). But other than this it was business as usual. Today is of course the longest day for all in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also Cockchafer season which makes the long evenings quite entertaining in these parts. The Cockchafer beetle is about 25mm long and at this time of year the adults have finished the business of laying eggs and they swarm around trees etc at dusk. They then fly around crashing into everything because there appears to be little directional control. They do this for a couple of days and then die. So sitting out in the garden of an evening is a little bit of a challenge.

So to work then.

The video series on Article writing was well received by a few last Thursday. But a few questioned whether it is really necessary. The response I gave to all was that It really is core information for anyone in internet marketing. So if you haven’t done so already go and grab yourself a copy it’s only $17 and it’s timeless information .

Article writing really is one of those things that has to be done the right way and on a regular basis. The trouble is that most people just do not like writing and the task gets put to the bottom of the pile (I am as guilty as the next of this). I can however state from personal experience that article writing is one of the most effective ways of promoting a website or blog. When I look back at some of the sites I have promoted for myself and for clients the ones that do the best are those that had articles written for them on a regular basis. In fact I have a couple of test blogs that have about 5 posts on them but each with a few articles submitted to a number of directories and these generate about 20-30 visitors/day. Which brings in a small but consistent Google Adsense revenue.

But it is worth noting that an article written in the wrong way will generate little or no traffic. The only way you get traffic from an article is when someone reads it and then clicks on the one link through to your site in the resource box at the base of the article. So it is not just about having an interesting article. There has to be some incentive for the reader to click the link at the end of the article.

All this is explained in great detail in the videos. Get your copy here .

Sorry to run over the same topic as I did on Thursday but on reflection I did not really explain why articles are so important to you.


The next part of my affiliate blogging course will be released on Tuesday. You can sign up here for free

The next newsletter will be on Thursday.

Remember you can request information from me or request topics just by replying to this email.


To Our Success.


Just What You Asked For Update #128



Thursday June 18th 2009: Update #128

This Update is normally published three times per week for opted-in subscribers only. Publisher: Rich Sale. Your comments are always welcome – to respond to anything you read here, please leave a comment’


Well I hope your week has been going well. We all seem to be rushing about this week trying to juggle work and ferrying the kids to their various activities. I don’t think it is any busier really but it just feels that way. And for those who ask the Blackbirds are still busy raising their 3 chicks dashing in and out all the time. The male blackbird is now dive bombing the dogs as they stand puzzled faced listening to the noise of the chicks that are well out of their reach. So judging by the size of them (chicks) they will be making the all important first flight soon. I think this is when the dogs plan to get their revenge. Time will tell.

Down to business.

Well I have had many requests over the past month for a more detailed tutorial on article marketing and I have been trying to put something together that would fit well with the affiliate blogging course. Well they say that there is some form of greater being up there that makes things happen at the right time if you think about it for long enough. Well he has been at it again in my favour. Into my inbox floated a great video series (4 videos) that cover how to write articles, market them and most importantly how to make money from them and all for $17 (£11 in English).

Now articles are the backbone of any free marketing strategy. Getting it right is critical to your success. Anyone can actually write some words and call it an article but putting them into a form that will actually attract readers and search engines is the bit that most get wrong because it has to be done in a certain way. These videos by Shannon Herod explain it well and in a way that keeps it interesting. He goes through each of the topics as a presentation in the first 1/2 of each video then actually shows a video of him actually doing the tasks.

The last video is what made it all tick for me with a detailed description of how you actually set things up to make money and build your list. Fantastic stuff that not many other share.

So go and grab yourself a copy it’s only $17 and it’s timeless information .

Well I will leave you with that.


The next part of my affiliate blogging course will be released on Tuesday. You can sign up here for free

The next newsletter will be on Sunday.

Remember you can request information from me or request topics just by replying to this email.


To Our Success.


Here is the link to the affiliate article mastery course again

Making The Most Of What You Have Update #126

SUBJECT: Making The Most Of What You Have



Thursday June 11th 2009: Update #126

This Update is normally published three times per week for opted-in subscribers only. Publisher: Rich Sale. Your comments are always welcome – to respond to anything you read here, please leave a comment’


Well Thursday has come rushing around again. The list of to do’s is still huge and unfortunately the number of days left is small.

My youngest turned 11 this week and we decided it was about time he had a bank account to stash his birthday cash in. So yesterday we went to the nearest town to us to open an account with Lloyds and the plan was for me to open one as well because I have had so many problems with my existing bank. So after his guitar lesson we strolled the short distance to the bank. This was 9:30 in the morning. But the bank was closed they don’t open until 10am on Wednesdays (why?). So we kicked around for 30 mins by which time there was quite a que forming. Then at 2mins to 10 this lady appeared and opened the door a small way and told the start of the que something and shut/locked the door. She then stuck a scribbled note in the window stating that they could not open because of a power cut last night. Of course the lights were all on so the power was back but I guess their systems were not!

So it would appear that they just can’t function without their computers. Makes me wonder what would happen if we had some major electricity outage. But my biggest gripe was why they waited til 10 to tell the que that they would not be open! They knew there was a large que so they could have conditioned us to the possibility that the may not open on time then at least we could try and make better use of our time.

We went back today and they were open but with no staff on the customer services desk so we had to wait for them to find someone from upstairs to come and talk to us. Strikes me that they are not doing much to bring in business even though they are going through tough times.


Now we have a blackbird that has unwittingly decided to nest in a bush about 1m from our back door. This is probably a decision that it regrets to this day. We have 2 dogs and 2 kids so the traffic through the back door is high and generally its noisy with dogs barking etc etc. Well this week we have 3 small chicks in the nest so the parents are constantly finding food for these hungry mouths during daylight hours. They are on the go from about 4am til 9pm dodging in and out of the nest whilst trying not to be seen by the passing kids, dogs and adults going in and out of our back door.

They amaze me because they just keep at it. Their sole purpose is to raise these chicks and preserve the species. They made their decisions (albeit bad ones) and now they just do what they have to do to meet their objective.

This is a dedication that few of us have but most of us want. This is especially true in the world of the Internet and Promotion where we have just too many distractions and too many excuses and reasons to justify failure. This is probably the main cause of the high failure rate for those who try to make money online. It’s not what they are trying to do that causes them to fail it’s the fact that most people can’t stay focussed long enough to see the reward from their efforts.

There are a few of us who set goals and do what ever it takes to make it happen just like the Blackbird raising it’s young. Take a look at this thread on the Warrior Forum . I have been a subscriber to his blog since he started last year.

It is nice to see/hear of real success in amongst all the other problems today. But the main thing is to decide what you are going to do and then stick with it. So perhaps we all need to have a big think about our long term plans and where we are trying to get to. AND THEN DO IT.

Until Sunday

To Our Success.


Squid is off the menu for some

Squidoo have recently announced that they are making some significant changes to their terms of use in the middle of July. This will probably send a lot of people into panic mode unnecessarily – just because that what tends to happen.

But for the most part it’s a refreshing proposed set of changes that will not effect most honest users of Squidoo. They are just closing the doors on people who write garbage,  spam, X-rated or overly pushy lenses. They are not closing the doors on those trying to get an interesting message across or promote their business/ websites in a meaningful and reader friendly manner.

So the main thing to do is keep all your lenses genuine, unique and interesting. Limit the number of links to the same domain to less than 9 (which is a lot anyway).

There are some topics that are now off the menu like

Free movie downloads.
Hoodia Gordoni.
Acai berry reviews.
Toenail fungus sales.
WoW gold farming.
Forex reports.

But other than these and similar type junk topics all should be OK. Just keep it clean, natural, original and interesting and you will be OK.

I guess the good thing is that they have spread the word a month in advance of the changes so you have a little time to sort things out if you need or want to.

Any thoughts on this?

You can read the full article here

The Silent Salesman – Find Out How To Promote Your Website

There is a new kid on the block, well not really, he has been around for a while. The Silent Salesman

Far to many of the thousands of business and personal websites on the Internet today just do not get any traffic. They become complete failures from almost the day they were published. The main reason for this is that most web designers and would-be designers just do not understand what is required to enable a website to get indexed by the search engines and appear in the search results.

The Silent Salesman series of eBooks have been written to show you how to optimize and promote your website online.

Why not take a look at the FREE eBook 7 ways to see if your silent salesman is working for you.