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About Rich Sale

My name is Rich Sale I have been working full time online since 2004. Prior to this I was a manager of an engineering firm making high speed wind tunnel metal models. Great job but high stress and long hours.

I had not taken a holiday for over 5 years!! So in 2004 I quit for the sake of my wife and young family.

I started a company to help businesses get more from the internet. In the intervening years have taken many companies from internet nowhere to success by getting them good placement on Google, pay per click advertising e–mail marketing and more..

In any walk of life, having the correct mindset is key to being successful. The realisation of this combined with some good product choices has enabled me to make money from the internet.

One of my major goals in life is to help others and to provide sound advice as to how they can the most out of their online presence.

This blog allows was used for Nofuss Internet Business which has now evolved into Rich Sale Limited

Yours in success

Rich Sale.


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