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The Silent Salesman – Find Out How To Promote Your Website

There is a new kid on the block, well not really, he has been around for a while. The Silent Salesman

Far to many of the thousands of business and personal websites on the Internet today just do not get any traffic. They become complete failures from almost the day they were published. The main reason for this is that most web designers and would-be designers just do not understand what is required to enable a website to get indexed by the search engines and appear in the search results.

The Silent Salesman series of eBooks have been written to show you how to optimize and promote your website online.

Why not take a look at the FREE eBook 7 ways to see if your silent salesman is working for you.

Tutorial on Setting Up WordPress Blog To Sell Clickbank Products

This has come about as a direct response to my 3 times weekly newsletter.

We ran a survey to find out what my subscribers wanted in terms of guidance and tuition.

The majority response was for some basic tutorial showing how to select and promote affiliate and Clickbank products by means of  a WordPress Blog.

So we are producing these tutorials on a weekly basis.

I will add them to the autoresponder on this list so that new subscribers will start from Tutorial 1 and follow it through.

Well we will have to see how we get on with this and I expect lots of feedback as we go.

Please put your first name and email address in the form below to start receiving the information.

Please look out for the confirmation email that you must respond to get on the list.

Oh and by the way (look out for the FREE gift for signing up)



Use Google Keywords Tool to Find Article Topics

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