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A Really Cool Internet Marketing System Update #149

SUBJECT: Nofuss Update #149 A Really Cool Internet Marketing System (for a change)


Nofuss Update


Sunday 14th November 2009: Update #149

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Welcome from a windy, wet and miserable UK at the mid point of the weekend.

OK so it has been a long time coming but ‘good things are worth waiting for’ and I have a real treat for you that has prompted this email.

I have been working hard since the last update. First with the 30 day challenge which went really well and continues to provide benefits to my online business. Then subsequently helping to beta test a new web site promotion tutorial system which is really awesome and is providing me with page 1 Google rankings for a number of different projects. But more of this in future updates.

The reason for blowing the dust off my keyboard is simply as follows:-

I received an email the other day telling me about a guy in New Zealand called Geoff Shaw, who is selling a product called BumBlogging. The words used by the friend who recommended it to me were “You should take a look at this – it’s REALLY good.”

I did. And it is.

BumBlogging is a complete system that has been perfected by Geoff over the last few years. It is a very clear blueprint of how he actually makes a considerable income himself and as such it doesn’t include a lot of the theoretical BS that you so often find in such products. This is step-by-step reality.

The entire course is delivered as a membership site, but one with a really big difference – there are no on-going charges. You pay just a small one-off fee to join and then nothing more.

The reason Geoff has made it web based is so that he can continually update the information as either the Internet changes, or he finds better ways of doing things.

Consequently, this isn’t tired and out of date, it is always current and totally workable.

Even better, apart from a domain and hosting, there is nothing more to buy. Geoff’s methods can all be achieved using free products and services.

And overdelivery! Wow! This guy piles it on!

Since getting BumBlogging I’ve been reading it whenever possible and absorbing as much of it as I can. Not that it is complicated – it isn’t – but to make it work as well as it can you have to understand the process and follow it exactly.

It is not often that I get really excited by a new product – usually by the ones that give you all the information you need to succeed. That’s why I love BumBlogging.

And there is another reason to get excited too.

If you go to the main website at you’ll see two things: one is that the price is $97 and two is that it is currently closed to new members.

Well as soon as I saw just how good this thing is I emailed Geoff Shaw and asked if I could offer BumBlogging to you.

He not only said yes, but he also slashed a massive $60 off the price.

You’ll get EVERYTHING that full-price members get, but at a tiny fraction of the original price.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete and utter newbie or already an experienced marketer, BumBlogging will be easy for you to understand and put into action, and full of concepts that will make you wonder why you’ve been over-complicating Internet marketing for so long!

Do yourself a big favour and get this one.

Think about it. Talk about it, drop me an email

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