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Back From The Fringe Update 145

SUBJECT: Nofuss Update #145 Back From The Fringe


Nofuss Update


Thursday August 27th 2009: Update #145

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Greetings it has been a long time.

We survived Edinburgh Fringe even though the wind and rain did its best to try and scare us off. Yes whilst England was basking in sunshine Scotland was soggy and windy. When I checked the weather on my iPhone each morning there was always a thick band of cloud north of the border with England. Luckily the rain tended to be at night so it didn’t dampen the fun too much.

For those who don’t know the Fringe. It is an annual event held in August up in Edinburgh Scotland. It covers the complete spectrum of the performing arts from comedy to serious plays and from classical music through to rock and blues. It also spans all the age groups from children to adults. There are well over 350 different venues spread across Edinburgh. Most of the events are paid ticket only but there is also a complete free Fringe festival where performers rely on audience financial contributions to earn their money.

The whole city is alive with the Fringe and to top this there is also an international festival and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on at the same time.

We have some friends who were performing one show a day for the duration of the Fringe. Being a children’s show they were finished by lunchtime so we managed to spend some time together. But I also managed to get a bit of an insight into the workings of the festival.

There appears to be a complete mix of marketing methods used by the performers. Many like our friends rely heavily on the official Fringe guide and then the reviews that are published in the local papers and the Scotsman paper. In my mind the review system was completely biased (I saw a couple of 4 star plays that were very disappointing). But the reviews can make or break a show. Luckily our friend’s show was given a couple of well deserved good reviews so they were sold out for the first 2 weeks.

Many performers use flyers to pull in the punters. The ‘Royal Mile’ is closed to traffic and used by performers to give small samplers of their shows. Again there are official and unofficial areas where the performers do their best to attract interest. Whilst this is going on there are people moving about handing out flyers.

The art has got to be to cover as many methods as possible and not put all your eggs in one basket (a certain similarity to our line of business I think 🙂 )

If you ever get the chance to go you must give it a try (but take an umbrella). I will certainly try and go again next year.


Now unless you live under a large rock you will have been inundated with emails from every internet marketer trying to get you to buy Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2. I was actually mentally ticking each ‘guru’ off my list and waiting for the missing ones to turn up (which they did). They were all using the buy through my link and get these bonuses technique. This probably works for many which is why the ‘gurus’ spend time (not much though) promoting it. But it does not work for me. I am getting fed up with these so-called ‘gurus’ who tend to take a lot more than they give out. I like to deal with folks who have something real to offer rather than just pitching the latest product created by someone else.

Now I have a copy of Keyword Elite 1 and it is a fantastic piece of software, Brad Callen is a great guy and a king of SEO.  So I have no doubt that Keyword Elite 2 is a great for those who need such a thing. I am very happy with my Market Samurai software so chose to pass on this.


My love hate relationship with Paypal continues. Whilst I was away a couple of my subscriptions were cancelled for no real reason other than the expiry of one of my cards on the system. Even though I have 2 verified bank accounts on the system.

Then for no reason they cancelled my subscription to ArticleMarketingAutomation yesterday.

No real damage done but a lot of hassle to sort out.


Well that’s it for this Thursday. I will give an update on my Article marketing efforts on Sunday.

To Our Success


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