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Keyword Analyzer and Granchester Meadows: Update 141


Sunday August 2nd 2009: Update #141

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I hope your weekend has been as good as mine. Today was my wife’s Birthday so I have been away from my computer for a while. We went out for a Pub Lunch in Granchester which is just outside Cambridge. We me up with some friends and had a great time sitting out in the sunshine. After lunch we took a stroll with the kids and dogs through Granchester Meadows by the side of the river Cam. This is a place frequented by Cambridge University students and there were many large picnics going on by the river. Lots of famous Cambridge punts (boats) and much fun going on.

The dogs and kids managed to take a bit of a dip in the river. But all in all it was a really relaxing place to be, archetypically British as if time had stood still for a while. It was good to shut the door on everything else for a while. Try it sometime.

We got back and I resisted the ‘temptation’ to work and just chilled with the kids for a while. Now at 22:30 I am starting to write this update.

This week has been good for me I managed to sign up a new client for the Promotion business and have been encouraged by the response of other companies I have targeted. Again the main point of leverage is that many web designers (and businesses) do not think that Search Engine Promotion/Internet Marketing is part of the requirement. They build ‘good’ websites for nobody to see. If they do get asked to do some promotion many think it is just a matter of submitting to the search engines and the traffic will flow. How wrong can they be.

We have also seen the start of the 30 Day Challenge. Yes you will have received a few emails from me on it. Just in case you missed them here is the link to the sign up page

We are now in day 2 and it’s all about researching and selecting a micro-niche market to build a site about. There are some absolutely fantastic video tutorials released as part of the 30DC on the topic of keyword research. Check them out on my blog here .

One of the great things about the 30DC is that it is free and you can just do what you want there is no obligation (other than to yourself).


Article marketing progress.

We now have 50 articles spun from 2 originals with backlinks to website. This has been done using the AMA system which you can read about at . We also have a single article which has been spun into 20 so far that has links to my Squidoo page and a single article on

The article itself has been republished 4 times in different places and has driven some traffic to the site.

The Squidoo lens now ranks #7 for the phrase promote a website on line out of some 57 million other pages! The-Silent-Salesman site is about #12 for the same term!

We are starting to see some traffic, so it looks like the strategy is working.

I will keep you posted.


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So until next time

To Our Success


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