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My Internet Marketing Cleanup – Guru Slayer : Update 144

SUBJECT: My Internet Marketing Cleanup – Guru Slayer : Update 144



Thursday August 13th 2009: Update #144

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Well yet another Thursday has drifted down stream towards the calmer part of the week (I hope). We have had a real rollercoaster of a week trying to keep everyone happy before I go away next week up to Edinburgh. I always give my main clients a couple of weeks notice that I will be going away so that they can plan accordingly. The trouble is that they all ask for something to be done before I disappear. So it was always going to be a difficult week. Tuesday night was one of the rare occasions when I decided let things slip. I had been working hard all day and it was a fine evening so the wife and kids decided to sit out and wait for the stars to show up. On the 11th and 12th of August we have one of the best/spectacular meteor showers in the Northern sky. So the kids had set up camp on the patio below my office window and were gazing starwards. In the end I gave in and grabbed a beer and went out to join them. It was a really spectacular sight. We have very little light pollution here so we had a great view of the meteors crashing through the atmosphere.

So we sat out til about 12:00 and then the kids went to bed I then worked for a bit just getting a few things sorted for the next day.

Wednesday came a bit too soon for my liking so we were a bit late getting up and I decided to walk the dogs around the village rather than drive them up to the local woods for their usual runaround. I got back with a few minutes to spare before I had to take my eldest off to wherever. I walked round to the drivers side of the car only to find that some kind person had broken into it by smashing the driver side window. Great and all this whilst the ‘guard’ dog was sleeping in the house. The thing is that all they took was a $200 Satnav which was only in there because the wife had recently used my car and the $2 charger for my iPhone! It just seems like a real risky business for something that has a street value less than $75! And as it happens they broke the charger as they ripped it out of the car 🙂

Anyway that then wasted Wednesday for me whilst I had to find and contact all that needed to be contacted. And then wait for someone to come and replace the glass which cost me another $50 for the excess. The insurance company have told me it’s not worth claiming for the Satnav because I have a $200 excess. Maybe try the house insurance.

So the car is now all fixed but covered with these small but sharp bits of glass. I am about a day behind where I should be and running out of time to sort it all.

Going away for us is always an uphill struggle because of the dogs and horse. So we have someone living in to look after it all and then someone else who will walk the dogs. But I often wish we could just pack our bags and set off somewhere without the need for all this planning.

As part of the process I have been trying to reduce the huge volume of emails I get each day. Now I use MailWasher to filter out most of the rubbish but it still sits on the server up to the point where I hit the button. So I have actively started unsubscribing from some of the lists that I am on if someone starts to try and sell me products by scare tactics. Today I had such emails from 6 well known Internet Marketeers all pushing the same ‘Affiliate Jump’ product. I don’t know what this product is and I have no real want to find out but I do know that it is the best thing since….. and it would change my life forever if I buy it from Mr XYZ. How many times have we heard this before? So that’s a few more emails I won’t be getting.

For the record. I am not suggesting that this product is rubbish. I have no idea what it is all about. I am anti these big guns pushing product after product and not really giving anything original or helpful back. How can I possibly believe that they have my best interests at heart when they try to push me to buy all these products?

Now I have a few big names out there who I do trust and when they write a good review about something. I believe them and are more likely to buy something. Its all about trust and honesty which are traits that many Top Internet Marketeers just do not have!

There is a point to all of this.

Most people get sucked into the whole idea of making huge amounts of money online just by buying the latest product. They buy the product, start to work the plan, realise that you have to work to earn the money. Start to lose interest then buy the next must have product and so on.

I have been there and done it. Most of the products were well written useful eBooks about methods that worked. But most of the time I didn’t have the basic skills necessary to actually promote my website pages to get enough traffic to start making money.

It is this basic skill set that makes the biggest difference.

This is why I am such a strong supporter of the 30 Day Challenge -its free and jammed packed with great information, even some new stuff for me!

Yes its a challenge but you can start at any time – but of course now is best and it’s free.

So do yourself a favour and go over to and get started.

Now I am away until Sunday 23rd August so the next Update will be on 25th August.

Take care and learn.


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