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Rash Decisions Kill Your Business – The Mole Goes Free : Update 143

SUBJECT: Rash Decisions Kill Your Business – The Mole Goes Free : Update 143



Sunday August 9th 2009: Update #143

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As the sun sets on another weekend I find myself pondering on the days events and trying to get my head around all the things that have got stuck on the to-do list. Strangely we have had a really hot couple of days with NO RAIN!! Unfortunately the current weather pattern is great for making the grass grow. So we have had an afternoon of grass cutting and general garden tidying.

It’s hard to think that in June we had very little rain and our lawns and field were a parched mess. We live on sandy soil which tends to dry rock hard in the summer. If it does rain then most runs straight off and does not get much chance to soak in. So normally grass etc just dies off this time of year. But grass appears to have the ability to survive and when enough water eventually gets to it it starts to grow again. I wish the same could be said for the shrubs and flowers which really struggle with these soil conditions.

Another survivor appears to be our resident mole who would normally have moved on by now to the moister conditions of the adjacent field. But he is back and making a real mess of one of our lawns. Not only does he leave the familiar mole hills but he also tends to have very shallow runs which allows my field spaniel to smell him out. So we now have lots of frantic digging going on by the dogs chasing the mole. The net result is a lawn covered in holes.

Today there was much commotion out in the garden and both dogs were frantically digging in an almost cartoon style. As I appeared on the scene Henry the German Shepherd took a glance at me and the pounced cat like on something, then after a few seconds appeared with the mole in his mouth. I think this was just to try and justify the mess to my lawn. Henry then wandered over to me and stood there with the mole carefully held in his jaws still very much alive. My instant reaction was to shout drop which in hindsight was not the most sensible instruction to give. So Henry opened his mouth and let the mole fall onto the grass. The mole could not believe his luck and without even a thank you started to dig for freedom. I grabbed a spade and tried to dig him back up but the lucky survivor just out dug me ad disappeared into the soil. The dogs just watched on in bemusement as to why I had suddenly started destroying my own lawn. I am now trying to find someone who keeps Ferrets as in the past we have found that just a few lumps of fresh-ish Ferret pooh placed near to mole runs is enough to scare them off for a few months. Ferrets like moles but the feeling isn’t mutual!

Any roads enough of this; the only lesson to learn from this is that you have to react quickly to opportunities that arise (the mole has his freedom) but also importantly you have to be able to recognise when things are under control which then gives you more time to make considered decisions (I lost the mole).

In business this is a very important issue that can make a huge difference to how well you do. Quite often we spend our time ‘fighting the fires’, reacting to this or that request as it happens. Someone calls and asks you for some information and the tendency is to drop everything and find what they want. It’s human nature to try and please an existing or new client especially when you work for yourself. But this has been and still is one of my biggest downfalls that forces me to have tight time scales on some projects. I constantly have to kick myself for agreeing on the fly to do things by a certain date without considering the true impact on the rest of the workload.

The learning point here is so simple yet so easy to forget. When someone asks if you can do something don’t say yes straight away (unless you have nothing else to do) always ask them when they want it for. Even if it is just a five minute job try to fit it into your schedule rather than do it straight away. Why should you stop what you are currently working on to respond to this new request. Obviously you have to make a judgement on the importance of the task but assuming that it is not life threatening or something that is self induced then the client would not expect you to drop everything and sort his problem out.

It can actually potentially damage your image if you do just drop everything to satisfy a sudden request. Because if you are prepared to drop what you are doing to respond to a sudden non urgent request then what is to say that you wont just do the same with a large job that I give you.

Always try to negotiate on time scales because you know that people try to build in contingency on requests they make. Agree sensible time scales and then do what ever it takes to meet them. Never deliver late!

If you adopt this sort of strategy you will actually please more clients and reduce your own workload substantially.

Obvious I know, But so easy to forget (which I also know).

Well that’s all I have to give you today.


I am continuing to keep up with the 30 Day Challenge – the material is fantastic again this year. I am learning loads of things that will make a difference to my business. So it really does not matter where you are in the Internet spectrum you will gain something from listening/watching the tutorials.

There have been a couple of new features that are really fantastic and I can’t wait to try them out and report back.

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