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Swine Flu and Tony Robbins: Update 146

SUBJECT: Nofuss Update #146 Swine Flu and Tony Robbins


Nofuss Update


Sunday August 30th 2009: Update #146

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Well here we are in the middle of the last Bank Holiday in the UK for 2009 (what a scary thought). The August Bank Holiday weekend sort of represents the end of the summer for most because the kids go back to school soon. It is also very noticeable that the evenings are also starting to draw in with it starting to get dark soon after 8pm these days!

And to add to this misery we have been smitten with the dreaded swine flu. My youngest was the first to get it and had 2 days with a high temp 102 and fever he appears to be over the worst. Now it has spread to me, current temp is 101 and I definitely feel rough. So this update will be a little short today.


I have had a whole load of emails mentioning Tony Robbins over the last few days.That in its self is not a problem Tony Robbins is one of the best in my book. So this is probably all about the build up for his new product launch. But there are 2 other guys who in my mind are right up there in the IM business namely Frank Kern and John Reese. They always deliver the goods and provide something good in return. So when I see Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese working together I know that there is something good on the horizon.

Just check out these two videos on Tony’s blog make sure you watch them both.


Article marketing update.

It’s been about 6 weeks since I opened my account with Article Marketing Automation ( ). I have three main articles on the system. The first was a bit of a flop and has only been published 17 times. This was down to my rather poor choice of title ‘ How Not To Promote Your Website With Google’. It is not wise to write articles with a negative spin. It is much better to be positive.

The second and third articles have been published 45 and 40 times respectively with an acceptance rate of 95% and 100% .

So I have 102 articles posted on different blogs 62 pointing back to my blog and 40 pointing to one of my ezinearticles.

I have checked the silent salesman blog and see some back links now being shown on Yahoo (Google does not provide comprehensive back link data) but I am a little disappointed in the number of total links that are showing. It would appear that many of the 45 articles have yet to be indexed and I guess that they will be on low pr blogs.

Still they will all end up being valuable links back to my blog.


I have been checking out a new service called Traffic Bug which you can see here .

The service is designed to take the effort out of getting your site or blog noticed and indexed by the search engines. This is done by submitting the site/pages/posts to Web2.0 services, directories and search engines. My first thoughts are that it saves a lot of time and effort beceause you just enter the site/page details and then just let it get on with the process.

Check it out for yourself .

Well that’s it for another Sunday.

Keep the emails coming it is always great to get feedback.

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