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The Rain Rain Rain came Down Down Down: Update 142

The Rain Rain Rain came Down Down Down: Update 142



Thursday August 6th 2009: Update #142

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I hope your Thursday is a bit drier than mine! I have just got back from one of the scariest drives I have ever made in the UK. I had to take my eldest to his skating lesson this evening in Peterborough which is only a 45 min drive from here. On the way there it started to rain so much that the motorways were flooded but we battled on and managed to get there on time. I then had to sit by a cold ice rink for an hour whilst my son had his lesson. The weird thing was that because it was so humid there was a dense fog hanging over the ice. It was quite bizarre seeing these skaters disappear into the mist. In all the time I was sitting there I could hear the rain pelting down on the roof.

When the lesson finished we started to make our way to the door only to see that it was still chucking it down. So we waited for a while and then just had to make a dash for it. So we all made it to the car soaking wet. I decided to get the boys a McDonald’s because it was getting late and they were hungry. So called in at the drive thru’ still pouring with rain. The McDonald’s roof had been specially designed so that when you open the car window to place your order the constant flood of rain off the roof goes straight in the window – nice.

We then started the trek back down the motorway – by now the rain was so heavy that the road was totally flooded in places and in others there was so much surface water that it was hard to keep going in a straight line. This combined wit a lot of lorries made the trip quite exciting.

So much for the BBQ summer they initially forecast. I still do not understand why they insist in making long range weather predictions for the UK. Why can’t they just admit it’s too complicated and then focus on getting the short term forecast right.


I have spent the last two days trying to get my head around all the modifications that are required to a client’s website to make it search engine friendly. This is always a difficult task because you have to make sure you pinpoint all the changes and get them written down so that the client’s web designers can cost out the changes. It is also difficult because your average web designer get’s upset when someone comes in and starts requesting changes. So a little tact and diplomacy is required to keep everyone sweet.

I have taken this opportunity to start using Google Docs and Google Sites to share information. They are free to use and are a really good way of sharing information in a controlled way.

If you have a gmail account then docs, calendar and sites are all included on the top menu. You can then upload files into Google Docs and grant people shared access by email. They can then read the documents and make comments for you to read and act upon. You can also create shared calendars and include everything in a shared website. – very cool.

Try it out just so you can understand what it does and maybe use it in the future if you cant find a use for it now.


In all of this I have managed to find some time to start to re-read one of the best books I know about writing for the web. It’s called ‘Web Copy That Sells’ by Maria Veloso. Stick it on your list of books to buy it is well worth the £12 I paid for it. The reason for raising this is that I have started to get curious about what makes some articles do well and others fail. I have a few articles out there that just outshine the others by a long stretch. When I read the articles they are good of course 🙂 but there is nothing obvious that makes them better than the others.

There is also Forbidden Persuasion by Jo Han Mok which I bought a while back but found a bit heavy going when I first read it. So I have decided to give it another chance. Another one by Jo Han Mok is called Recipe for Riches and this is definitely a good buy at $9.95 get your copy now by visiting this link .


I am continuing to keep up with the 30 Day Challenge – the material is fantastic again this year. I am learning loads of things that will make a difference to my business. So it really does not matter where you are in the Internet spectrum you will gain something from listening/watching the tutorials.


Well I think that’s enough of a ramble today. – the rain continues to pour down! British Summer Style!!


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