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The Smelly Dog Day: Update 147

SUBJECT: Nofuss Update #147 The Smelly Dog Day


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Tuesday September 1st 2009: Update #147

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Greetings from a rather damp UK. Today has turned out to be, what we refer to as a ‘Smelly Dog Day’. It started off great nice and warm and sunny but as the afternoon moved in so did the rain clouds. At 15:00 it was so dark that I had to put the office lights on. Then 20mins later it was bright sunshine.

At 18:00 is was warm and sunny so I decided it was safe to take the dogs out for a run. I drove them the 2 miles (further) out into the countryside to where this great walk is. The dogs love it because there is a huge field which has public right of way where they can run totally free. Henry the German Shepherd just runs/walks alongside me whilst Sparky dashes about chasing this and that with no real aim other than to have great fun. We then get to run alongside the local woods before turning around and heading back.

The path runs due North/South with the woods on the East so it gets the full evening sun. A really great place to be at the back end of the day. Except when you look to the Southwest and see this huge black cloud heading your way. I could see the telltale dark strands bridging the gap between cloud and land. We were exactly at the furthest point from the car when the rain started. So we just continued jogging back.

Then I thought I heard a rumble of thunder so I stopped and looked round to see this huge mass of angry black cloud all the way across the sky to the West. A couple of bright flashes followed almost instantly by the crack of thunder gave me a clue as to what was going on above me. Then as I watched this massive bolt of lightening hit the ground on the far side of the field about 800 yards away and I suddenly realised that this was not a good place to be.

So we ran at a fair pace back towards the lower ground. By now it was raining really hard and I was soaked through but we ran the 15 mins or so back to the car. I bundled the dogs into the back of the car and headed back to home. Anyone who has had the experience of travelling in a car with two soggy canines will understand the term ‘Smelly Dog Day’!!.


Thanks for the emails enquiring as to my health (re the flu). Well it looks like I got off very lightly with just a fever for 48 hrs then just a lack of energy. But today I feel ok. So I think it could have been anything. The Doctors are just grouping it all under the same name and as the initial treatment/advice is the same for anyone with a fever thats OK by me but it does distort the stats re swine flu.


I have been doing some work with one of my longstanding clients in the wine trade. He has a particular wine storage racking system that is good and relatively low cost compared to some of the other systems he sells. But the problem is that for some reason he does not sell much of it.

We reworked his website a while back to show this product and all the various combinations of racking that are available. But still the sales were too low for such a good looking product.

So after much debate we decided to rethink our strategy. It occurred to me that may be it was the number of possible options that were causing the problem.

We all know that the reason many fail to even start in the Internet Marketing business is because there are just too many possible starting points. So many just can’t decide what to do next and do nothing. Those that do start often question the decision they made and therefore do not fully commit to making it work. They almost give themselves a reason why it will fail right from the start.

So I got to thinking about how this might relate to the wine rack scenario. We decided to design a set of racks as examples and show pictures of these together with prices on the website. The difference was amazing. Sales increased straight away for both the standard examples we were showing plus people asking for ‘one of those but with this option’.

It would appear that in general we are unable to take the basic building blocks and make something from scratch. We much prefer to take something that is already designed as is or with further modification. Now I know that this is a sweeping generalisation but it appears to be the case for the wine rack business. I guess though it’s driven by how much effort you have to put into something to get a result and how much you really want it!

We are talking wine racks here but I think the same is true for many in the Internet Marketing Business. If there are too many options on the road to success then how many are going to decide on a way to go?

The thing is that it really does not matter as long as you keep on going and keep focused on your goal. There are always knocks and upsets with any project but you just have to keep on going.

So the message is – If you want to make something happen then you have to do Something – The longer you spend doing Nothing then the longer you have to wait for the Something to happen.

So Do Something Now!!


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