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Top Tip Get Some Website Traffic First : Update 150

SUBJECT: Nofuss Update #150 Top Tip Get Some Website Traffic First


Nofuss Update


Sunday 22nd November 2009: Update #150

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Welcome from a windy, wet and miserable UK at the end of a very damp weekend.

Just back from 3 hours of watching my youngest son play hockey for his county trials. He was picked earlier in the year to go into the fist stage county coaching scheme. He has attended 4 special coaching sessions and today was the final assessment where all the groups came together and played a series of 20min observed games. The best of the players will then be selected to move up to the next level of county training. All great fun except that the heavens opened just as they were starting and everyone (including spectators) got thoroughly soaked and then had to spend the next 3 hours getting cold and wetter.

I don’t think my lad will get through this time as he is one of the younger members of the group which span 2 years of age difference. This age span results in significant differences in height, weight and strength. But it is a good training for next year if he gets selected again.

We just got back in time to take the dogs out in the rain! before it got dark.


You may be aware that I offer a free 30min consultation to anyone who wants to discuss their online endeavours. You can sign up on my blog should you want to take me up on this.

I mention this here because I have had two people on the consultation last week who had similar problems which are worth highlighting here without going into the specifics of each call.

They both had an existing online presence by way of a blog/website. The first was selling a Clickbank product and the second was selling a physical product related to his off-line business.

But in both cases even though the products were good and well priced they were not managing to sell anything. In the case of the Clickbank product he was following a basic guide that he had purchased which took him through the whole process of setting up the blog and starting to promote it. With the physical product they had spent money getting the site built and had written a couple of articles and distributed them to several directories they had also tried AdWords but spent a lot more than they made so gave up.

In both cases they had put in a lot of effort and were now about ready to quit.

In both cases they had almost no traffic to their sites. TRAFFIC is the lifeblood of any online business YOU MUST HAVE TRAFFIC.

OK you say. That’s obvious.

But guess what. It’s the main killer of peoples online pursuits. Many think that traffic will naturally come to their website. WRONG you have to work hard and smart to get it. The next time you are tempted by some latest scheme for selling Clickbank products or affiliate products just remember you will need to be able to generate traffic to be able to sell anything. Now it’s not difficult but you have to choose your keywords with care and then your promotion strategy and stick to it.

It also gets worse. Many target the so called ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords that have low competition and low traffic. This is a great strategy however you really have to rank within the top 5 on Google for these terms to get any real traffic to your website. You see that if a keyword phrase gets 20 searches per day on Google most of the clicks will go to the top positions. And the thing is that you will not get to rank in the top 5 (unless there is little competition) if you just write an article or 2 and get a few backlinks.

It takes a bit of keyword research and a systematic approach to promote a website for the chosen keyword phrases. As I have said before it is not difficult but you need to follow the steps and processes to start opening the door to the traffic. When you have the traffic then you can start to concern yourself about conversion rates, product offers, site layouts etc. To do this first is just pointless and meaningless.

So build your traffic first and then optimise your selling process.

You will want to know how best to get the traffic to your website. Well for the few months I have been beta testing a system for promoting your website and getting you to rank high on Google which will provide you with all the traffic you need.

The system is due to be opened to the public (you) on December 8th you can sign up for early notification for Web 2 Mayhem here.

I will also give you some shots of what is provided within the package in future updates.

But my main reason for including this is to show you that it is possible to get traffic to your website and turn those dead projects into ‘Golden Geese’ if you follow the right plan.

Think about it. Talk about it, drop me an email

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